Chris Reeks


Chris Reeks is a 2002 graduate from Mississippi State University in Electrical Engineering. After graduation, God saw fit to move Chris and his wife, Brenda to Huntsville, Alabama with their two year old daughter Madalyn. After settling in, they began to attend church in New Market, Alabama. Chris began playing drums with the praise team and occasionally filled in for the music minister. He played drums there for five years. Chris began to feel God urging him to seek a new church so he and Brenda moved their family to South Huntsville. By this time, Chris and Brenda had two sons, Jonah and Ian, along with Madalyn.

They began attending Farley Community Church in the Sandhurst area of South Huntsville. Chris joined their praise team and played guitar. They attended Farley for almost two years before God called Chris to an interim Music Minister position at New Canaan Baptist Church in Union Hill, Alabama. He served as interim Music Minister there for approximately two years. While Chris enjoyed his service there, he felt that is was not the right fit, so he and his family returned to Farley. During this time, Christ took a 6 month break from music ministry. After that break, he returned to the praise team to play electric guitar. God used that time to help develop Chris’s technical playing and knowledge of the instrument.

In January 2016, Chris felt God telling him to again search for another church to be the Music Minister. He saw a job posting for Old Brashier’s Chapel UMC. After praying on the matter, he decided to apply late one night. He was interviewed and asked to lead worship for a couple of Sundays. Chris says the first Sunday he and his family walking into Old Brashier’s Chapel, they knew it was home. Their oldest son even said “It feels like home”. Chris has been serving at OBC since June of 2016.

In May 2017, God completed their family with the addition of their 15 year old daughter, Zhenya, who was adopted from Ukraine.